Footage of your graduation. Your wedding video. First steps. Recitals. Plays. You have it all captured. On video cassettes. Too bad you don't have a VCR..... Or, even harder to find, they are on Beta! We will transfer all your video memories on DVDs or your computer. We run the tape in real time, and take extra measure that it is well cared for. We can even edit your videos and make DVD menus!  

Video Services Available

  • VHS
  • BetaMax
  • Hi8
  • MiniDV
  • VHS-C


Photos & Photo Albums

 You see one in every home. A shelf dedicated to photo albums. Or, for the less organized, boxes marked simply - "photos". We will take your photos of the camping trip you took when the kids were small, and scan them into digital format. If your photos are stuck fast to the album page, or if you want to preserve the artful pages that your Mom too so much time to create, we can scan entire album pages for you. Share your photo memories via social media and email. 


 We all have them. Stored away in the farthest corner of the basement. Or, maybe they are right there, at the bottom of the staircase, waiting to be tripped over. Boxes of bulky wheels of projector slides. Most people don't even own a projector any more. Even if you do, no one wants to subject their loved ones to the dreaded slide projector show. We can help you with that! We will develop your slides and bring them into the digital realm. Imagine discovering lost memories, possibly handed down from other generations. Share your past with your future generations! 


Remember Film? Remember when we developed pictures at the drug store and they came back with negatives in a little pouch in the front of the envelope of pictures. There are generally more negatives in the boxes of photos that we have stored away than actual pictures. Wait, doesn't that mean that there are lots of pictures that we don't have developed? We can develop those old negatives and you can have them in digital form. No problem. See photos you may not have seen in years! 


Do you still have a pile of paper documents? A shoe box full of newspaper clippings? Is your company taking the leap from paper to digital? We'll scan your documents up to 11" x 17" for you!  Just one of our services!

We take the extra measure of physically hand-cleaning all slides, negatives, and photos to the best of our ability before scanning. 

Scanning Services Available

  • Photographs
  • Negatives
  • Slides
  • Documents
  • Photo albums


Audio Tapes

Rewind. Play. Fast Forward. Flip the Tape. This is the way we used to listen to music. Analog seems so slow now. Do you have a favorite mix tape that your crush gave you in the seventh grade? Did your high school band record it's hit song professionally on DAT tapes? What about Micro Cassettes, the ones that were in the hand held recorders you brought to your lectures, all that time ago? We can help. We will record your tapes in real time and let you bring that music forward into the digital now! 


 We still love the crackles and snaps that old vinyl is known for, even in today's world of perfection in audio sound. We take the time to record your LPs at their intended speed, and we do not alter their original sound. Enjoy the classic sounds of old, anywhere, anytime. Chances are, you don't have a record player in your car, but now you can enjoy those classic sounds you have come to love.

Audio Services Available

  • Standard Audio Cassettes
  • DAT tapes
  • Micro Cassettes
  • Vinyl (33s, 45s, 78s)

Data Services

As technology progresses, so does the way we store our data. We can read and transfer the contents of your 3.5" floppy disks, SD cards, and your data DVDs and CDs  to USB. We can also capture sound waves from C64 computer datasettes (and similar) save files on audio tapes.  

Data Transfer Services Available:

  • 3.5" diskette 
  • SD Card 
  • C64 datasette 
  • Data CD / DVD
  • Audio CD

Other Services

Photo Touch Ups

 Grandma looks beautiful in the photo taken on her wedding day. It's a shame that Uncle Edgar spilled his coffee on it in 1975. Old photos that have been damaged, stained, bent, torn or just aged overly-well, can be revitalized to enjoy forever.   


 Here at The Digital Transfer, we have discovered we can provide you with some video and photo magic.   Do you only want 5 minutes of video from your wedding video , and not the whole 8 hours?  We edit video. Have you ever wanted to climb to the peak of Mount Everest? We can create mash-up images. Did no one get a picture of you holding your hard earned diploma on stage, but you have video? We can create photos of still images in video. If you have a creative idea, we would be happy to help make it happen. 

Photo and Video Montage

 Is there a big birthday or Special Event coming up? A bachelor party? A wedding? Someone turning 50? A wedding Anniversary? A graduation? We will take your photos and video and make a movie for you! We can add audio, too! Take a look at the sample below to see what we're talking about.... 

Other Services Available

  • Video Montage creation
  • Photo Touch-Ups
  • Custom Labels
  • Video Stills
  • Video Editing
  • Creative Projects