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The Digital Transfer

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About Us


Let us tell you a little about what we do here.

We have found that there are many people, from all generations, and all walks of life, that have a conundrum. The digital age is at hand. We have moved on from the world of analog tapes, video tapes and printed media. Many of us have boxes of cherished memories that are no longer view-able, or shareable. They take up space, and we can't even enjoy them!  We will digitize your older media to let you share them now, and for generations to come.


Why should I digitize?

 Many people don't realize that photo film, video and audio tape degrade over time. It is not a viable long-term storage medium. It is no longer easy or cost-effective to replace your cassette player, your VCR or even the needle on your record player! But, we are here to help. We will digitize your older media, and allow you to see and hear the moments and the memories that you may have been missing. Once digitized, you will be able to share, with ease, these memories with loved ones. 


Why should I choose The Digital Transfer?

At The Digital Transfer, we take a very personal approach to evolving and preserving your older media. All of your media will be digitized in its original form, the way you remember it. We pride ourselves on a personal customer experience, in an industry that sorely lacks a personal approach. Through care, and by recording in real-time to assure the utmost quality, we preserve the most authentic and original copy of your media possible. All of our digitizing is done in-house, and we take every precaution to safeguard your privacy. We are in contact with our customers throughout the process, to be sure that they receive a final product which they are happy to pass on to future generations.

Our Team

Jason Safdie - Founder, Head of Sales

Jason started this business for one simple reason - he cares. He believes in taking the time and care necessary for such emotionally sensitive work is of utmost importance in this industry, where this kind of personalized service is often lacking.  He believes in precision, quality and serving the individual and that no one should ever feel that they are just a number. Most importantly, he makes sure the job is always done to the customer's satisfaction.  

Susan Lacoste - Graphic Design, Technical Specialist

Susan's thirst for knowledge, great attention to detail, problem solving skills and technical knowledge are invaluable to the business. Although she calls herself a graphic designer, Susan has designed this website, manages our advertising campaigns, interfaces old machinery to new, is in charge of accounting and databases, and does much of the in depth photo editing.  

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The Digital Transfer

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We are a small home business   and have remained that way to pass on the savings to our customers.